TypeHub is a next generation API and data design platform.

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Code Generator

TypeHub provides a powerful code generator which generates type-safe and ready to use client SDKs and data models. At the basis TypeHub provides an editor to design a TypeAPI specification. Every change to your specification is recorded as commit. To release a final version of your specification you can create a tag which allows you also to automatically release a version of each connected SDK s.

TyoeHub SDK architecture

Push specification

At first step you need to push your TypeAPI specification to TypeHub. You can do this either through a GitHub action or you can also use our TypeHub CLI to push the specification to the platform. Please take a look at our integration page for a complete overview of all integration options.

Generate SDK

The next step is to configure a trigger which can invoke a specific GitHub action once a commit or tag was created. This action can then automatically generate the code according to the specification.

Trigger image

Please take a look at the SDK generator use case page for a complete example how to configure such an GitHub action.