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What is the idea behind TypeHub?

We know that building great client SDKs for multiple programming languages is complicated and costly. With TypeHub we want to finally provide a platform where any user and company can easily generate a fitting client SDK for their API.

Another great benefit of TypeHub is that your specification lives on a social platform, this means that every user can contribute to your specification in case some definitions are outdated or missing. If you are currently challenged to integrate an API often SDKs are outdated or not available for a specific programming languages, with TypeHub we want to solve those problems and build the best client SDK generator so that nobody else has to invest this time.

Why is a client SDK needed?

It is also possible to consume a REST API without a client SDK by simply invoking the API through an HTTP client. This is also possible (and it is probably the reason why REST APIs are so popular) but it has some drawbacks regarding the stability. If you parse a JSON payload in any programming language you only get generic object/map types where the concrete fields are not known. If a field name changes then it is easy to overlook this change in your code. With TypeHub we provide a complete type-safe code generator, this means that we generate for each JSON structure a fitting class/struct so that you can reference concrete every property. If you change a field then you will notice this directly at the build step since the class/struct no longer has this property.

Can I import an existing OpenAPI specification?

Yes, we provide an OpenAPI import which you can use to easily import your existing specification. Note our import can not import every OpenAPI specification since OpenAPI and JsonSchema are highly dynamic and in some cases we are not able to generate a type-safe version of your specification, but the import tries to automatically solve most problems. After the import you can always edit and improve the specification directly at our editor.

I have found a bug or something is not working?

Our service is currently in an early stage, please use our contact form in case you have found a bug or something is not working.

Is there a self-hosted version?

Currently we provide this service open for the community. Please contact us if you like to run a self-hosted version of TypeHub at your company.